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Possibly! The Most Unexpected Way For You To Make More $ For Every Mile You Run!

Without Sacrificing The Home Time That Your Loved One's Deserve..

Updated: 21st of August, 2021

Dear Trucker, 

If you would like to make more CPM for every mile you run and more family time that you deserve as a driver in the fastest time possible, then this is going to be the most important call you'll ever have.

Here's why:

Firstly, this isn't like any other recruitment call you've ever had.

I guarantee this is NOT like anything you’ve ever seen or heard about before.

I will let you in on something that has helped over 300+ Drivers earn better wages and receive the highest degree of respect - something you deserve as a trucker.

I'm not only going to show you how you can EARN more but also have the relief that you're in control of your finances, relationship with loved ones... basically, completing your Trucking Life Goals.

Want a No-Risk Way to find out more about how we can help you?

For a limited time only, you can claim a FREE, no-obligation 30 minutes session with one of our trucking experts.

We’ll discuss your individual situation, what your goals are and how we can help you achieve them with our proven CPM and best home time system.

We’ll also cover a stack of valuable information together, including..
  • How you can achieve more CPM for every mile you run with the home time that you want.
  • What you should never do when in your trucking life that can sabotage your career.
  • And 3 common mistakes that drivers make that sabotage their success.
Remember, there’s no cost or obligation to move forwards with our company afterward if you feel like it’s not for you.

It’s simply a free strategy session designed to see if we’re a good fit or not
And more importantly, provide value to you in advance.

If you are, we’ll give you all the details of how you can onboard with us.
If not, we’ll politely and respectfully let you know it’s not a fit.
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Don't Just Take My Word for It! Hear It From Drivers 
Just Like You Who Made the Switch and How They Feel Today...
 "It turned out to be a lot more than what I expected!"
 "I love it here, i get home whenever i want to go home, Miles are awesome!"
 "i wasn't home when she needed me, After joining cheema Now i go home every weekend now!"
 "family FRIENDLY environment, great miles. they take care of drivers here!"
 "treat you like a family member, they know me by my name not by my truck number"
 "the growth of drivers at cheema is truly UNBELIEVABLE, they are very driver oriented"

Beware of Big Carrier! Don't Let Them Fool You

Here’s the Real Reason Why So Many Truckers Struggle With Making Better Pay and Not Living the Life They Want...

From the start we were taught, 

“Get a CDL and drive for a mega carrier to get experience and keep your MVR clean. 

Be careful! Don’t take risks!”

But these mega-carriers are driven by profit.

To them, you’re a NUMBER and not a name.

Drivers are not their priority, even though they will say anything on driver appreciation week to show you how much “you’re worth” to the company.

it’s all B.S.

And it’s not your fault if you’ve believed these things.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way For You Though!

If you would like to make more CPM for every mile you run and more family time that you deserve as a driver in the fastest time possible,

Then this is going to be the most important thing you'll ever see.

I've Seen It With My Own Eyes! It Happened To My Father

Every month, he would be mad, frustrated and just ready to give up his career as a driver...

When he ran the numbers for the miles he ran and the at rate he made, it barely even covered his bills and maintenance, forget about turning a PROFIT.

And he and I both knew that he wasn’t the only one going through this...

That’s what working for a big carrier will do for you!

No one gets hurt except the man on the road behind the wheel.

This Is When My Father Decided To Turn The Things Around.

In 2006 in Kent, Washington my father Darshan Cheema acquired his own operating authority.

Fast forward to today, We now operate over 320+ trucks with a combination of company trucks and owner operators and nearly 950+ trailers. 

Not just this, we helped 300+ drivers to live the better trucking life with better wages and the freedom to spend time with their family.

I know this might be hard to be believe – or you may think you could never do this.

However, virtually ANYONE can repeat our truckers success using our proven secret trucking life system that we created here at Cheema.

And I guarantee this is NOT like anything you’ve ever seen or heard about before.



In Today's Trucking World...

Working for the right fleet or NOT can mean the difference between the money you earn, the lanes you run, the life and family time you want and most important... the RESPECT you deserve as a TRUCKER!

Cheema Freightlines is a fleet that is hand-built by a Trucker for Truckers Just Like you...

  • A Fleet that cares about you and wants you to roll in the best equipment, so you can live your trucking life stress-free...
  • ​Choose the time you want to spend behind the wheel and with your loved ones. This kind of freedom is priceless...
  • ​No forced dispatch and No B.S.. Feel you're in control of your life and the time you spend with your loved ones...
  • ​Feel in control of your finances and simplify your trucking life destiny.

90% Of Truck Drivers Will Never Achieve Desired Outcome Without The Right Help

Sadly, 90% of truck drivers will never reach their desired outcome. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught the right way to achieve more CPM for every mile they run. It doesn’t have to be this way for you though.
We can show you exactly what we did to achieve impressive CPM and home time for our drivers, using the same strategies. Reserve your consultation today to see how you can achieve a similar result, and do it much faster than you ever thought was possible.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation…

  • WARNING: You Could Be At Serious Risk Of Sabotaging your trucking career - Are you looking to work for a mega carrier? Bad idea! We’ll show you why this is a HUGE mistake and how it leaves you open to failure and financial risk.
  • The Proven Revenue-Generating Strategies We’ve Used To Achieve Impressive Result For Our Truckers - We’ll reveal the bulletproof strategies we’ve used to achieve impressive CPM and home time for our drivers consistently for the past 7 years
  • The Devastating Mistakes Made By Virtually All Truckers - Are you getting attracted with Switching or Sign-up bonuses? Bad idea! We’ll show you why this is a HUGE mistake and how it leaves you open to lower your CPM.
  • 3 Simple Tips To Achieve The  Desired Trucking Goals Shorter Timeframe - These strategies at Cheema can help you make more $ for every mile you run faster than you ever thought possible
  • The Old Myths & Downright Lies Told By The Transport Industry - Many people still believe these old wives-tales and dirty lies told by the Transport industry – find out what they are so you can protect yourself

Recommended by leading experts in Transportation industry

Imagine You Could Be Pulling in $92K+ 

Just as a Company Driver This Year...

Our Top Driver in 2020 Alone Made Over $92K While...

Picking the home-time when he wanted where he wanted! NO B.S. No forced dispatch. And all this while driving the top-of-the-line truck on the market.
Most Drivers in America Make $45,260
On average according to US Labor Statistics...With us, you could be easily making almost double that with so many perks that most truckers only wish for...
  We never share your information with anyone.

Here’s Another Taste Of What You Can Expect When You Book Your FREE Consultation…


The Cold Hard TRUTH About The Transportation Industry

We’ve revealed what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes and why it seems so much harder to live stress free trucking life in the current marketplace.


7 Little Tips to Help You Increase Home Time Quickly & Easily

We’ve used these tips and tricks to accelerate the results for our drivers so they have more time for their loved ones much faster – now YOU can do the same!


Why Big Carrier Isn’t Always The Best Choice For You

Joining a big carrier is always the best right? Wrong! We’ll show you why there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye and what to do instead.


The Vital Key To Maximize CPM As Fast As Possible

This all-important piece of the puzzle is crucial to get the best CPM for every mile you run and without it, you are doomed to failure – make sure you have this at all costs!


What Never To Do When Joining A Freightliner

Please, never EVER do this on your journey to trucking unless you want to stay stressed and frustrated for YEARS longer than you need to.



This message will be seen by thousands of people.

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I’ll be awarding positions to people who qualify on a 
first-come, first-served basis.

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  • Are you ready to stop the overwhelm and get clarity on exactly what steps you need to 10x your trucking life.
  • Are you ready to start getting momentum by working with me, as we outline, craft, and scale your miles and family time?
  • If this sounds like you, apply now and see if you qualify.
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